• The mobile element that conveys methicillin resistance to staph includes a gene that encodes for Cch. Learn more about Phoebe Rice's Chicago lab.

  • AlkD (grey) crystal structure bound to DNA containing 3-deaza-3-methyldeoxyadenosine (light green), from Brandt Eichman. Read the full story.

  • Jalview Developer Geoff Barton's desk with the JalviewAbacus (right) and displayed a dendrogram (tree) for the set of sequences shown in the alignment, using Jalview linked to Chimera. Read the full story here.

  •  Project MAC display system, circa 1965,

    The Project MAC display system, circa 1965. Read more about the history of molecular graphics software and UCSF Chimera in our SBGrid Tale featuring Bob Langridge and Tom Ferrin.

  • You'll find SBGrid in ~350 structural biology labs located at over 100 different institutions in about 20 countries around the world. See full map and read more in eLIFE.

  • Daniel Panne's group, which relocated in 2018 to the University of Leicester, looks at the language of gene regulation and visualizes the catalytic core of p300. Read the full story.

  • Professor Catherine Drennan of MIT

    The SBGrid Consortium provides structural biologists worldwide with access to the software they need to discover the shapes of the molecules of life. Read more in eLIFE.

  • The AdipoR2 structure revealing the presence of a bound fatty acid at a zinc binding site, from Sebastien Granier's lab at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle, Montpellier France. Read more.

  • Tom Rapoport's group at Harvard Medical School captured the crystal structure of the active translocon being pushed through the hourglass-shaped SecY protein-conducting channel. You can find out more about the science and learn some personal history in our Member Tale.

  • The first high-resolution (2.8 Å) X-ray crystal structure of the transcription initiation complex of Mycobacterium smegmatis, from the laboratory of Seth Darst at Rockefeller University.

    Image courtesy of E. Campbell.

  • In traditional X-ray crystallography, X-rays bombard 1 crystal 100s of times. This syringe, developed for a dynamic temperature experiment in James Fraser's lab at UCSF, shoots 1,000s of crystals into an X-ray-free electron laser beam, one at a time. Learn more.

    Image courtesy of Alexander Wolff.

Recent Software Updates

Sep 20 | XDSGUI

a GUI (graphical user interface) for XDS designed to help both novice and experienced users; it enables XDS data processing without the com… >>

Sep 20 | TVIPS tools

for the conversion of microED data collected on TVIPS TemCam-F416, Thermo Fisher CetaD, and Thermo Fisher Falcon III to SMV crystallographi… >>

Sep 20 | CryoREAD

CryoREAD is a computational tool using deep learning to automatically build full DNA/RNA atomic structure from cryo-EM map. >>

Sep 19 | Napari

is a Python library for n-dimensional image visualisation, annotation, and analysis. >>

Sep 15 | XDSGUI

a GUI (graphical user interface) for XDS designed to help both novice and experienced users; it enables XDS data processing without the com… >>

Sep 15 | Neggia

an HDF5 read plugin for XDS. Neggia presents HDF5 data to XDS in a fully parallelized way, directly and without interconversion and speeds … >>

Sep 15 | Durin

XDS plugin for reading HDF5 files following the NeXuS format or those written by Dectris Eiger detectors. >>

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