• Kevin Corbett's structure of C. elegans PCH-2. Read the story and watch the animated gif.

  • The chromatophore vesicle of purple bacteria comprises hundreds of cooperating proteins to convert sunlight into chemical energy. Image Credit: J. Stone, M. Sener, K. Schulten. Read more.

  • Antonina Roll-Mecak uses a combination of EM, X-ray crystallography and single-molecule fluorescence to reveal tubulin glutamylase TTLL7 (gold) bound to microtubules (silver).

  • A crystal structure from James Berger's group shows how the heterohexameric origin recognition complex (ORC) can switch between two conformations.

  • You'll find SBGrid in 275 structural biology labs located at 85 different institutions in 18 countries around the world. See full map and read more in eLIFE.

  • Jalview Developer Geoff Barton's desk with the JalviewAbacus (right) and displayed a dendrogram (tree) for the set of sequences shown in the alignment, using Jalview linked to Chimera. Read the full story here.

  • From Michael Sattler's group: the ternary complex involving the tandem RNA recognition motif domains of Sxl, a cold-shock domain of the protein Unr bound to a specific RNA sequence motif. Read the details.

  •  Project MAC display system, circa 1965,

    The Project MAC display system, circa 1965. Read more about the history of molecular graphics software and UCSF Chimera in our SBGrid Tale featuring Bob Langridge and Tom Ferrin.

  • Professor Catherine Drennan of MIT

    The SBGrid Consortium provides structural biologists worldwide with access to the software collection they need to discover the shapes of the molecules of life. Read more in eLIFE.

  • A graphic illustration of the PikAIII polyketide synthase module showing the acyl carrier protein in different positions as determined by cryo-EM from Georgios Skiniotis's laboratory.

  • The thrombin:anophelin complex (PNAS 109, E3649-E3658) from the lab of Pedro José Barbosa Pereira. Read more about Dr. Pereira's background and current research in our recent webtale.

  • A disordered region of the Ddx4 protein forms membraneless organelles that separate single and double-stranded DNA, from Julie-Forman Kay's lab at U Toronto, described in Cell. 2015. 57(5):936–947.

Recent Software Updates:

Name Description
Frealign (Fourier REconstruction and ALIGNment) a program for high-resolution refinement of 3D reconstructions from cryo-EM images of single particles. A GPU-enabled version is also available. Developed by Niko Grigorieff at Brandeis University.
HKL2000 A data processing suite for X-ray crystallography that provides a sleek interface for devising a data collection strategy and processing data. HKL is based on the extended versions of Denzo, Xdisplayf and Scalepack.HKL was developed and is maintained by Wladek Minor (University of Virginia).
IMOD A set of image processing, modeling and display programs used for tomographic reconstruction and for 3D reconstruction of EM serial- and optical sections. The package contains tools for assembling and aligning data within multiple types and sizes of image stacks, viewing 3-D data from any orientation, and modeling and displaying the image files.
PDB_REDO PDB_REDO refines any structural model you are working on, by optimising REFMAC refinement and by partial model rebuilding. The process is fully automated so you only need to provide an initial structure model and your reflection data.
PDBstat Is a C/C++ computer program originally developed as a universal coordinate and protein NMR restraint converter. Its primary function is to provide a user-friendly tool for interconverting between protein coordinate and protein NMR restraint data formats.
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