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Surface Racer

  • Description

    calculates exact accessible surface area, molecular surface area and average curvature of molecular surface for macromolecules. The program also analyzes cavities in the protein interior inaccessible to solvent from outside.

  • Usage

    To list all executables provided by Surface Racer, run: $ sbgrid-list surface-racer Copy to clipboard
  • Installation

    Use the following command to install this title with the CLI client: $ sbgrid-cli install surface-racer Copy to clipboard Available operating systems: Linux 64, OS X INTEL
  • Primary Citation*

    O. V. Tsodikov, , M. T. Record, and Y. V. Sergeev. 2002. A novel computer program for fast exact calculation of accessible and molecular surface areas and average surface curvature. J Comput Chem. 23(6): 600-609.

    • *Full citation information available through

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  • Default Versions

    Linux 64:  5.0 (77.8 KB)
    OS X INTEL:  5.0 (83.7 KB)

  • Developers

    Oleg V Tsodikov