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  • Description

    (Single-particle IMage Processing Linux Engine) does ab initio 3D reconstruction (programs cluster & origami), heterogeneity analysis (programs cluster, origami & cycler), and high-resolution refinement (programs align, reconstruct, automask & cycler).The SIMPLE back-end consists of an object-oriented numerical library with a single external dependency - the Fastest Fourier Transform in the West (FFTW). The SIMPLE front-end consists of a few standalone, interoperable components developed according to the 'Unix toolkit philosophy'.

  • Primary Citation*

    D. Elmlund and H. Elmlund. 2012. SIMPLE: Software for ab initio reconstruction of heterogeneous single-particles. J Struct Biol. 180(3): 420-427.

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  • Categories

    Electron Microscopy

  • Default Versions

    Linux 64 2.1
    OS X INTEL 2.1

  • Other Available Versions

    Linux 64 120521
    Linux 64 2.0
    OS X INTEL 120521
    OS X INTEL 2.0

  • Developers

    Hans Elmlund.