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    a powerful and comprehensive suite of molecular biology tools.

    SBGrid members from academic/non-profit laboratories share a 10-seat license for this suite of tools.

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    M. Kearse, R. Moir, A. Wilson, S. Stones-Havas, M. Cheung, S. Sturrock, S. Buxton, A. Cooper, S. Markowitz, C. Duran, T. Thierer, B. Ashton, P. Meintjes, and A. Drummond. 2012. Geneious Basic: an integrated and extendable desktop software platform for the organization and analysis of sequence data. Bioinformatics. 28(12): 1647-1649.

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    In addition to using the primary citation below, please cite "Geneious version (the version you are using) (http://www.geneious.com, Kearse et al., 2012)" in your methods section.

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    Linux 64 9.0.5
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