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  • Description

    allows processing of datasets in a given directory with minimum effort when you supply it with a result directory and the directory where your frames are stored. All datasets consisting of more than 100 frames within the given directory and all its subdirectories will be processed. For each dataset a space group assignment is done using POINTLESS from the CCP4 software package. Plots of the most informative statistics of INTEGRATE.LP, CORRECT.LP and XDSSTAT.LP are generated for each dataset. A plot comparing Rmeas, I/sig and Completeness of all the processed datasets is generated. You can also generate plots for datasets that have been processed using XDS without XDSi.

    Note that this software requires 'kpdf' to display its output.

  • Usage

    To list all executables provided by XDSi, run: $ sbgrid-list xdsi Copy to clipboard
  • Installation

    Use the following command to install this title with the CLI client: $ sbgrid-cli install xdsi Copy to clipboard Available operating systems: Linux 64, OS X INTEL
  • Primary Citation*

    P. Kursula. 2004. XDSi - a graphical interface for the data processing program XDS. J. Appl. Cryst. 37: 347-348.

    • *Full citation information available through

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  • Default Versions

    Linux 64:  0.92 (4.2 MB)
    OS X INTEL:  0.92 (4.2 MB)

  • Developers

    Petri Kursula