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    (STructural Alignment of Multiple Proteins) a suite of programs for the comparison and alignment of protein three dimensional structures. The suite will multiply align structures and produce a corresponding sequence alignment with confidence values associated with each aligned position. The software will also search a database of protein structures to identify structurally similar proteins. The suite includes a number of utility programs for the manipulation of protein structures.

  • Primary Citation*

    R. Russell and G. Barton. 1992. Multiple protein sequence alignment from tertiary structure comparison. Proteins. 14(2): 309-323.

    R. B. Russell. 2010. STAMP: Structural Alignment of Multiple Proteins, Version 4.4 User Guide. Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics, University of Oxford.

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    When using STAMP, please cite both both Primary Citations.

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    Linux 64 4.4
    OS X INTEL 4.4

  • Other Available Versions

    Linux 32 4.2
    Linux 32 4.4
    OS X INTEL 4.2
    powermac 4.2
    powermac 4.4

  • Developers

    Geoff Barton.