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    an automated structure solution pipeline built around the heavy-atom refinement and phasing program SHARP, the substructure determination program SHELXD, the density modification program SOLOMON and the model building programs BUCCANEER and ARP/wARP. It allows fully automated structure solution by experimental phasing, from merged reflection data to an initial model, without any user intervention.

  • Usage Notes

    SHARP/autoSHARP is installed on our server at Harvard Medical School. Please email accounts@sbgrid.org to gain access.

    autoSHARP is also available from the command-line or through the CCP4i interface if users install the software in their home lab. This software in included for all academic labs automatically, but users must request a license at https://www.globalphasing.com/sharp/ then copy the license file to /programs/local/autosharp/autosharp_license. Once the license file is in place the software will start working.

  • Primary Citation*

    G. Bricogne, C. Vonrhein, C. Flensburg, M. Schiltz, and W. Paciorek. 2003. Generation, representation and flow of phase information in structure determination: recent developments in and around SHARP 2.0. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr. 59(11): 2023-2030.
    (Note: Use this citation for SHARP.)

    C. Vonrhein, E. Blanc, P. Roversi, and G. Bricogne. 2007. Automated structure solution with autoSHARP. Methods Mol Biol. 364: 215-230.
    (Note: Use this citation for autoSHARP.)

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  • Default Versions

    Linux 64 20160324
    OS X INTEL 20160324

  • Other Available Versions

    Linux 32 2006
    Linux 64 2006
    Linux 64 20161207
    OS X INTEL 2006
    OS X INTEL 20161207

  • Developers

    Eric Blanc, Gerard Bricogne, Claus Flensberg, Wlodek Paciorek, Pietro Roversi, Marc Schiltz, Clemens Vonrhein.