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  • Description

    contains among other things: a powerful N-dimensional array object, sophisticated (broadcasting) functions, tools for integrating C/C++ and Fortran code, useful linear algebra, Fourier transform, and random number capabilities.

    NumPy is installed as a module within Python.

  • Primary Citation*

    S. van der Walt, C. S.C., and V. G.. 2011. The NumPy Array: A Structure for Efficient Numerical Computation. Computing in Science & Engineering. IEEE. 13(2): 22-30.

    • *Full citation information available through

  • Categories

    Python Module

  • Default Versions

    Linux 64 1.11.1
    OS X INTEL 1.11.1

  • Other Available Versions

    Linux 64 1.9.2
    OS X INTEL 1.9.2

  • Developers

    Ralf Gommers, Charles Harris, Robert Kern, Jarrod Millman, Travis Oliphant.