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    a set of comprehensive facilities for Fourier processing of spectra in one to four dimensions, as well as a variety of facilities for spectral display and analysis. This is the official NMRScience version of NMRPipe.

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    Frank Delagio is no longer managing distribution or support. For distribution, licensing, permissions, email Ad Bax bax@nih.gov, for support contact Teddy Zartler at teddy@quantumtessera.com . To download the software: http://spin.niddk.nih.gov/NMRPipe/install/ SBGrid has a site license that covers all participating laboratories.

  • Primary Citation*

    F. Delaglio, S. Grzesiek, G. W. Vuister, G. Zhu, J. Pfeifer, and A. Bax. 1995. NMRPipe: a multidimensional spectral processing system based on UNIX pipes. J Biomol NMR. 6(3): 277-293.

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    Linux 64 20151124
    OS X INTEL 20151124

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    Linux 32 20121214
    Linux 32 20130121
    Linux 32 20130808
    Linux 64 20140803
    Linux 64 20150928
    Linux 64 20151124-x86_64
    OS X INTEL 20140803
    OS X INTEL 20150928
    powermac 20101030
    powermac 20110114
    powermac 20110228

  • Developers

    Adriaan Bax, Frank Delaglio.

  • Tales

    All Who Wander Are Not Lost

    All Who Wander Are Not Lost

    Frank Delaglio knew he wanted a career in biomedical research at age 7, in 1968, when he saw his baby brother in an incubator being prepared for open heart surgery. Today, he is one of the go-to software experts in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), having designed or contributed significantly to the field's key software tools, such as NMRPipe and TALOS. But the path he took to get to this point — and to the point of having a direct impact on biomedicine — was circuitous and long, driven in equal parts by luck and preparation.

    Delaglio landed his first job in a crystallography lab as a chemistry undergraduate at Syracuse University because he had some experience developing film. In that lab, he ended up producing software for analyzing small ...

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