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    a computer program intended for the calculation of NMR relaxation of small, quasirigid macromolecules whose structure, with atomic resolution, is taken from a PDB file of atomic coordinates. The basic hydrodynamic quantities involved in dynamic NMR are evaluated in the same fashion as in the closely related HYDROPRO program. HYDRONMR then calculates NMR quantities, like T1, T2, NOE,. for each residue of a globular protein. A user-supplied list of vectors can also be given. HYDRONMR reports the translational diffusion coefficient, which is available, among other sources, from some NMR experiments.

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    J. G. de l. Torre, M. L. Huertas, and B. Carrasco. 2000. HYDRONMR: Prediction of NMR relaxation of globular proteins from atomic-level structures and hydrodynamic calculations. J Magn Reson. 147(1): 138-146.

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    Linux 64:  7c

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    Jose Garcia de la Torre.