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  • Description

    a software tool for the analysis and visualisation of tunnels and channels in protein structures. This is the command line version and not the PyMOL plugin version.

  • Primary Citation*

    E. Chovancova, A. Pavelka, P. Benes, O. Strnad, J. Brezovsky, B. Kozlikova, A. Gora, V. Sustr, M. Klvana, P. Medek, L. Biedermannova, J. Sochor, and J. Damborsky. 2012. CAVER 3.0: A Tool for the Analysis of Transport Pathways in Dynamic Protein Structures. PLOS Comput Biol. 8(10).

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    Citation Note

    Additional citations can be found on the Caver web site.

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  • Default Versions

    Linux 64 3.0
    OS X INTEL 3.0

  • Other Available Versions

    Linux 32 3.0
    Linux 32 3.0b3
    Linux 32 3.0b4
    Linux 64 3.0b3
    Linux 64 3.0b4
    OS X INTEL 3.0b3
    OS X INTEL 3.0b4

  • Developers

    Jan Brezovsky, Jiří Damborský.